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Mytholist #2

Thursday 8 August 2013, by Franck Garot

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Rumour has it that Lou Dark was found in a drunken stupor at Courtney Love’s front door yelling Rape me! Rape me! They say Courtney related the event to her boyfriend who found it hilarous and wrote the song we know.

Apparently, Lou Dark never met Johnny Hallyday, contrary to what the French rock star repeated several times in an interview.

They say Lou Dark laid Patti Smith.

They also say he replaced Souxsie’s guitarist for the 1979 tour (he also played with his own band for the opening act).

Apparently, Lou Dark was born December 30th 1946 in Chicago, Illinois.

Some believe Lou Dark had a kid with Nico. Their daugther, Ira, is reputedly still confined in a mental institution in Spain.

Translation: Rita Smith-Lemaire

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